The Olympics

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Ancient Greece Olympics

The Ancient Greece Olympics were originally part of a festival that was thrown to honor the great Greek god Zeus. One of the most interesting things about the times and the Ancient Greece Olympics is that during the times of the Olympiad events everyone would stop everything to go and honor the Gods. Even if there was a war going on all the soldiers would put the war and fierce battles on hold for seven days before and seven days after the Ancient Greece Olympics. To keep going about your business as usual and keep fighting was considered disrespectful to the Gods. When it was time for the Olympics this was a very important religious time and this happened every four years so it was considered a duty to the Gods to be there, either as a competitor or just to attend to watch.

Only Greeks were allowed to participate in the Ancient Greece Olympics and they competed in boxing, discus throwing, javelin throwing, different horse racing and long jumping events, there were also various running and wrestling events involved for the Greek competitors. All of the athletes in these Ancient Greece Olympics were always all men, back in them times women were not allowed to compete in the Olympiad and they were also not allowed to vote, own property or fight in the many wars that went on. Today the Olympics are held in different nations every four years, with two years between the winter and summer Olympics. Back in ancient Greece they were always held in Olympia from when they were first thought to have started, which was around 776 B.C. until they were abolished by Theodosius I when he proclaimed that all idol worshipping sanctuaries be forbidden and since this was a festival for Zeus, the Olympics were abolished in around 393 A.D., after twelve centuries.