The Olympics

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Ancient Olympic Events

The ancient Olympic events started out with a single running event in the first year the festival was held for Zeus and every four years after that many events were added to these ancient Olympic events. One of the stories in the origin of the Olympic Games is talked about in Greek mythology. Supposedly Hercules, Zeus’ son, was ordered by Hera to kill his kids. In order to salvage his pride and honor, he had to be a servant of the King Eurestheus, who was his cousin, who made him clean all of his horses’ stalls. Hercules supposedly organized the Olympic Games to celebrate his end of the labor he had to endure under Eurestheus.

Some of the ancient Olympic events included various races of different lengths that the athletes ran in. As time went by there were many horse chariot races which became extremely popular in the times of the ancient Greeks. Some of the other more extreme ancient Olympic events included an extremely brutal boxing event, where no gloves were worn and the combatants would fight until one was knocked out. There was also wrestling where the fighters would cover themselves in oil and fight in mud pits until one of them admitted defeat by tapping out. Some of the Ancient Olympic events that became very popular were some of the hurling events, where competitors would see who could hurl things like javelins and heavy metal discs as far as they could. The games were loved in Greece and all of the winning athletes became heroes and icons to all of the Greek peasants and slaves, they were enjoyed by people from all over the land, and especially for the Gods who were honored by this sporting event. This sporting tradition still carries on after centuries and the tradition remains a favorite, but not for just the Greek people, these events are famed worldwide in modern times.