The Olympics

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Ancient Olympic Games

The Ancient Olympic Games were quite a bit different than what you would see in the modern day Olympics, and they can be traced back to ancient Greek mythology. The games started in Olympia, Greece and the name comes from the word “Olympiad”, which means four years. The Olympic Games were held every four years so the name Olympiad was a perfect name. The ancient Olympic Games were originally a part of a religious ceremony that was to honor the Greek god Zeus. Back then the Olympic Games were just as popular as they are in modern society, and just like our games people from all over Greece came to represent their towns. Some of the other differences between the Ancient Olympic Games and the modern Olympics are that only men who spoke Greek were allowed, unlike today where all different countries can compete. There were also many less events back then we compared to today, but at the same time, many of the events from ancient Greece are still practiced today. Back then the Olympics were always at the same place as well, unlike today.

Some of the sports of the Ancient Olympic Games were sports like boxing, but at that time there were many less rules and the fighters wrapped their fists in leather, and then they would proceed to fight straight through until someone was knocked unconscious. There were also many equestrian competitions in the Ancient Olympic Games, such as chariot racing and single horse races. Another sport was Pankration, which was kind of like a crossbreed of boxing and wrestling. Opponents had bare fists and the only rules were no biting and no face gouging with fingernails. There were a few more competitions in the Ancient Olympic Games such as the Pentathlon, which was a five part combination of a discus throwing competition, a javelin throwing combination, the third part was a long jump competition, and the last parts were running and wrestling. The rules for wrestling were similar to the modern day Roman Greco wrestling but back then you could do a lot more and even breaking your opponents’ fingers was allowed.