The Olympics

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History of Olympics

The History of Olympics can be traced all the way back into the ancient Greek times while they honored Zeus with many days of celebration, praise and the sporting events of the times. Back then only men from Greece could participate and there were no woman allowed. Heracles, a son of Zeus was said to have started the first Olympics and the History of Olympics and events that were held started evolving from there. There were many running events along with events in chariot racing and various games to see who could hurl a javelin the farthest and the same things was done with a heavy metal discus. These ancient Olympics are thought to have started out in or around the year 776 B.C. and continued for around twelve centuries when they were banned for being sacrilegious and offending to Christianity.

The History of Olympics after the ancient Greek games started once again in Greece in 1896 and this is when the International Olympic Committee was formed by a French gentlemen. The History of Olympics started out once again here with a small amount of nations competing and only a few events. The committee wanted to start holding the Olympics all over the world in all of the major cities and markets, they knew this would draw people wherever they went and they also knew that the two week event would also benefit many cities. The Olympics have experienced immense growth and restructuring over the years and both the summer and Winter Olympics are watched closely from all edges of the world. Every time there is another Olympic event held there is also some record breaking moment or some other thrills that keep people interested, and the many nations involved in the Olympics nowadays keeps growing as well.