The Olympics

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Summer Olympic Sports

The Summer Olympic Sports have gone through many changes since they began over a century ago, and now this international sporting event is one of the most widely followed sporting events in the world which takes place every four years. The Olympic Games have grown from a forty three event competition with under two hundred and fifty men competing what the Summer Olympics are know, around three hundred events with ten thousand competitors consisting of men and woman from over two hundred nations. The Summer Olympic Sports are growing all the time and the International Olympic Committee is considering adding some new sports to the events in the near future as well. Many people believe there are sports out there today that belong in the Olympics that have been ignored for too long.

The Summer Olympic Sports today consist of some of the original Summer Olympic Sports back in 1896, such as fencing, gymnastics, various swimming events, and wrestling. Sports have evolved so much that obviously new ones would have to be added and will continue to be added. Some of the other Summer Olympic Sports in today’s Olympics are some more new and improved swimming events, diving, and various cycling and freestyle BMX events, boxing, baseball, and basketball. There has been a lot of speculation as to if and when skateboarding will be added. Many people feel that it belongs with the summer events since it is such a physical, exciting, and very athletic sport. The International Olympic Committee has been doing a great job organizing the Olympic events for over a hundred years and every four years the Summer Olympics get bigger and better response. They are also giving many great cities worldwide that never had a chance in the past the opportunity to host the Olympics.